December 5, 2019

Triumph and Downfall

Poem by Luke Davis with art by Trinh Nguyen.

Triumph and Downfall

Poem by: Luke Davis | Art by: Trinh Nguyen

The juicy flesh of a roast mutton leg,
At the feast being held in your honor.
Or perhaps your mother’s scrambled eggs,
On your birthday morning, shared with father.

The muddy rain on the battlefield
The bitter copper of blood in your mouth,
From biting your cheek as you finally yield
As you retreat from your loss, head back south

A soft hint of roses from the lips
Of the maiden (or sirrah) you rescued
As you saunter back home, a sway in your hips,
Your sense of right and ego renewed.

The bite of steel on your cheek as your head
Is slammed into the lockers on the wall,
The salt of tears as you collapse in bed,
The furthest your ego will ever fall.

Victory is sweet, that much is true
But in defeat one finds ego subdued.

Control, Trinh Nguyen, Oil